A Team Effort

Sue and CurtisThe Zoo’s African elephant herd came to Tucson from San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 2012, but Reid Park Zoo’s partnership with San Diego’s elephant experts didn’t end there. Keepers from SDZSP still come to Tucson regularly to network with our staff, discuss animal care, and fine-tune positive training techniques. Together, the team strives to provide the best possible care for elephants.

“There is a real camaraderie between our team members, says Dr. Sue Tygielski, Reid Park Zoo’s Elephant Manager. My staff works with these animals every day, but it’s possible to miss subtle physical or behavioral changes that are important to monitor. It is so beneficial to have the outside eyes of our colleagues–other elephant experts who know these animals as well as we do and can pick up on ways we might slightly alter a routine or improve an interaction with the herd. Our training and animal care programs are based on the elephants trusting us. To have many experts who the elephants know and trust is the cornerstone of our program.”

Reid Park Zoo is proud of its partnership with San Diego Zoo Safari Park, not just because they know a lot about elephants, but also because they care about them as much as we do!