A Note To Our Community

The death of George Floyd and so many others has been tragic and heartbreaking. These events have brought a spotlight to the issues around the long history of injustice and inequity of the black community and the underlying issues of racism and discrimination in our society.

We applaud the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ leadership in issuing a statement on racial and social justice, and we stand with our community in a spirit of hope, peace, and love for all beings.

Reid Park Zoo’s mission is to create inspiring memories for all by connecting people and animals to protect wild animals and wild places. As we embrace this mission, a cornerstone of our work is also to inspire care, kindness, and empathy. Just as we are personally inspired by serving the diversity of our world’s wildlife, we are daily encouraged with the opportunity to serve our diverse human community with its myriad of opportunities to share with, teach, and learn from each other. We have open conversations about the value of diversity and strive to have the best practices in equity and inclusion.

And we aren’t fully there yet. But we will continue to have those honest and sometimes hard conversations to move forward towards justice for all and a world where all feel safe.


Nancy Kluge

President & CEO

Reid Park Zoological Society