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Top Predators:

Tiger stripes are unique – like your fingerprints. This is how scientists who study tigers can tell them apart. Once mature, tigers are solitary; coming together only for mating. They communicate through scent, vocalizations, and visual signs like claw marks on trees.

Tigers have no predators, except humans.

At Reid Park Zoo:

Because wild tigers only come together to mate, they don’t always share a habitat peacefully. Reid Park Zoo separates its tiger habitat into two halves for the safety and comfort of the animals; Sita and Baheem can interact along the fence line if they choose. When Sita’s behavior indicates she is receptive for breeding, Keepers allow the tigers to be together for a few days. These two tigers have bred many times, but they have never conceived.

The Zoo’s tigers are excellent swimmers, and you may find the tigers in this habitat enjoying the pool on a warm day.



Species Name:
Malayan Tiger
Scientific Name:
Panthera tigris jacksoni
Proud Parents:
Bernetta Gillet
Mesa Verde Elementary - Mrs. Villasenor's Class 2016-2017
D Thomas
Hayley & Joseph Suhay
Dayelle Waugh
Diana Sanderson
Jeff Holloway
Melissa Brinsko
Luisa Castro
Bob Charles
Kathy & Roger Gross
Cary & Danielle Christopher
Lauren Reasoner
Bridget Stephenson
Bob Piltaver
Elijah Ravare