ball python april 20165

Ball Python Facts

Ball pythons are a small species (about 3 or 4ft in length) of python from Africa. They are not venomous–instead they bite their prey to hold it still, and wrap their bodies around it to suffocate it.  In the wild, they eat small mammals, birds, and bird eggs.  The pythons at the Zoo are fed mice or rats.

At Reid Park Zoo

Ball pythons are known for their tendency to coil into a tight ball when threatened.  Fortunately, the three ball pythons at the Zoo are used to being handled by Zoo staff, and touched by Zoo visitors!  Housed in the Conservation Learning Center, the Zoo’s pythons are frequently seen at education programs or in the public classroom.ball python april 20161


Species Name:
Ball python
Scientific Name:
Python regius
Our Animal's Name(s):
Ted, Alice, and Lou
Proud Parents: