High Energy Play:

Otters are built for life in the water. They can close their ears and nostrils when underwater, and have great webbed feet and a strong tails for swimming fast.

You may see these animals rolling or rubbing against grass and rocks. This is one way they groom their fur.

These otters do not have much fat on their bodies, so they need their thick fur to keep them dry and warm in the water.

At Reid Park Zoo:

Keepers give the otters a variety of treats to keep them active and healthy. Little fish frozen in balls of ice, zucchini slices, and live fish to chase after are some of their favorites.23384607554_dbe50e73c2_k


Species Name:
African Spotted-Necked Otters
Scientific Name:
Lutra maculicollis
Proud Parents:
Lisa Smith
Addison Graham
Joshua Szablicki
Merrick Parker
Jai Torres
Edward I. Fraijo
Jason Neild
Dawn Coletta
Tom McElhaney
Megan Hadley
Alex B. Atherton
Nancy Smith
David Greenwood
Corwin Cromer
Georgine Speranzo
Joe, Kona, & Leah Rothschild
In Memory of Audrey Baggs
Shawn Kurtti
Cameron Carpe
Dillon Putinita
Evelyn Sandoval
Hollie Peters
Karen Rutynowski
Ginger Irwin
Corine Lewis