giraffe april 2016

Watchtowers of the Savannah:

Giraffes are the tallest land animals. Smaller animals will watch giraffes to figure out if predators are close by.

A giraffe’s L-O-N-G tongue (18 to 20 inches) is black. Some scientists think this helps keep the tongue from getting sunburned.

Giraffes have seven neck bones—just like you, only bigger!

At Reid Park Zoo:

Keepers feed giraffes a variety of tree leaves, hay, lettuce, carrots, scallions, and popsicle treats.giraffe april 2016


When you visit the Giraffe Encounter program, you help raise thousands of dollars for Zoo field research and conservation projects every year. Thanks!giraffe feed sam


Species Name:
Reticulated Giraffe
Scientific Name:
Giraffa camelopardalis
Proud Parents:
Jade Gonzalez
Emma Tiedemann
Ruth P Strand
Liz Cota
Maddy Martley
Linda Johnson
Haddie Mejias
Henry Hemann
Gaynelle Walls
Pam Stratton
Nicole Williams
George & William Newton
Jase Nuckles
Richea Olson
Jayne Vanderhoof
Cambria Anderson
Rylee Mascum
Grace Matthews
Lucy Pratt
David Nevil
Mark Campbell
Charlie & Janet Lynn
Kevin McConnell
Liam Callahan
Serenity Hampton
Barbara Ramsier