Tree House:

Gibbons are built for living in trees. Their long strong arms help them swing easily from branch to branch.

The gibbon’s swinging movement is called brachiation. It saves energy by maintaining momentum, using the body as a pendulum.

Most monkeys have tails, but apes don’t. This is one of the smallest apes, and the only one exhibited at Reid Park Zoo.

At Reid Park Zoo:

In the morning gibbons make loud whooping calls that can be heard around the Zoo. In the wild, these calls define their space and keep a group of animals together.

Billy and Moms are two of the oldest gibbons in any North American Zoological Park and their long life span is a testament to the excellent care they have received at Reid Park Zoo. They have had 9 offspring – all females! gibbon


Species Name:
Lar Gibbon
Scientific Name:
Hylobates lar
Our Animal's Name(s):
Billy (male, Jan 73) and Moms (female, Jan 69)
Proud Parents:
Gladys Janu
Nolan Watters
Lucas Richardson
Harrison Rice
Gwen & Michael Elbert