Hiding in Plain Sight

In the wild, crowned cranes can be found in African grasslands that
are close to water. Their stunning “crown” helps them hide in the tall
grass as they forage for insects, worms, lizards or small mammals.
Cranes are omnivores and therefore also eat grass and seeds.

Around the world there are only 15 different types of cranes. Most
cranes build their nests on the ground close to wetlands, which helps
hide their young from predators.

At Reid Park Zoo:

Crowned cranes usually live as a mated pair. In the wild,
some have been seen living on their own or in small
Their mating dance is very elaborate and includes
head bobbing, flapping wings, and hopping in circles
around each other.


Species Name:
East African Crowned Crane
Scientific Name:
Balearica regulorum gibbericeps
Proud Parents:
Robin Palmer
Tyler Danielson
Dana Lim
Jerry Graff