Lions Playing in Puddles

Lions Playing in the Rain

Tucson’s sudden summer storms can turn an animal exhibit into a mud pit within minutes. Lions aren’t generally known for their love of water, but a recent exciting break in their afternoon routine proved irresistible to our playful young lions. Click the link below to watch!

Pumpkin Bash 11/1/14


On Saturday November 1, Zoo Keepers gave pumpkins to just about every animal at the Zoo! Check out these great photos of animals enjoying a special fall treat: Thanks again to Buckelew Farm for donating the pumpkins!

Lion Cubs Get Their 3-week Check-Up

lion cubs

The Zoo’s four African lion cubs got a 3-week check-up yesterday–they were separated from their mother briefly to be weighed and examined by the Zoo’s vet team.  Each of the cubs weighs between 5-6 lbs, and is growing fast!  To see some adorable footage of the cubs during their exam, click here.

Lion cubs born December 23, 2013!


On the morning of December 23, a Zoo Keeper heard tiny vocalizations coming from the “cubbing den” of female lion “Kaya.”  Kaya had given birth overnight, and the following day it was confirmed that five cubs were born, but one did not survive. Of the four remaining cubs, three are males and one is a… read more

Male Lion Cubs to Depart Soon for Their New Homes! 11-30-12


Can you believe the Zoo’s African lion “cubs,” born in July of 2011, have gotten this big?  Male “Abuto,” pictured here with his brother “Ayotunde,” will be moving to the Zoo’s health center on Monday to start crate training for his transfer to Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in late December or early January.  Ayotunde will… read more