Field Trips

Planning a field trip to the Zoo?  We have both self-guided and educator-led experiences available.  You can also plan to include a Giraffe Encounter for your students.  There’s even an outreach option for schools that are not able to bring students to the Zoo!

Self-guided field trips

A discounted rate of $2 per person (students and adults) is available for up to 500 people per day.  To receive the discount, self-guided trips must be reserved at least 30 days in advance using the self-guided field trip reservation form.  Please indicate three date choices, and remember to plan ahead for a better chance at receiving your first choice.  You may still come on a day that is filled to capacity, but your group will need to pay regular admission rates. Want information on adding a Giraffe Encounter to your visit?

*Please note that our busiest season is from Feb. 15th to May 15th. Many of the dates book early. We will do our best to accommodate your request.*

Note: This request form is for discounted admission for school groups only and does not include afterschool programs, day care, camps, YMCA’s, non-profit groups, non-Head-Start preschools, etc. If your group type is one of these, please see our Youth Service Group Program Pricing.

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Educator-led programs

We’ll work with you individually to customize dynamic and memorable programs, just for you and your students, that adhere to Next Generation Science Standards.  Your students will have unique experiences with live animals that complement concepts introduced in the classroom, and they’ll learn to use the Zoo as a resource. Topics explored in these programs, such as animal adaptations, endangered species, and careers with wildlife, will relate to the interests and life experiences of students and will connect to societal and personal concerns.

Click here for a menu of programs, as well as prices and other guidelines.

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Outreach program

Can’t come to us? We’ll come to you! We travel with live animal ambassadors such as tortoises, lizards, snakes, and hedgehogs.  Topics are tailored to your classroom studies, or we can suggest topics based on grade level. Click here for more information and to request an outreach program.