Meet New Male Otter “Hasani!”

Otter 2

Although African spotted-necked otters are often solitary in the wild, there’s nothing more fun than watching two playful otters at the Zoo! We’re pleased to welcome “Hasani,” a male African spotted-necked otter, who recently came to Reid Park from the Toledo Zoo. Hasani is just a little over a year old (he was born in… read more

Lion Cubs Get Their 3-week Check-Up

lion cubs

The Zoo’s four African lion cubs got a 3-week check-up yesterday–they were separated from their mother briefly to be weighed and examined by the Zoo’s vet team.  Each of the cubs weighs between 5-6 lbs, and is growing fast!  To see some adorable footage of the cubs during their exam, click here.

Baby Tapir Born January 4, 2014

FB tapir 3

The baby tapir is finally here!  After a 13-month pregnancy, Baird’s tapir “Contessa” gave birth to a male calf on January 4.  While both mom and calf are healthy, Contessa was not nursing the baby, and displayed aggression towards him.  For his health and safety, he is now being hand-raised by Keepers.  This is very… read more

Lion cubs born December 23, 2013!


On the morning of December 23, a Zoo Keeper heard tiny vocalizations coming from the “cubbing den” of female lion “Kaya.”  Kaya had given birth overnight, and the following day it was confirmed that five cubs were born, but one did not survive. Of the four remaining cubs, three are males and one is a… read more

Update on Elephant Pregnancy


Click here to watch the latest episode of Zoo News, produced by Tucson 12 – The City Channel, featuring female elephant “Semba” who is expected to give birth next summer!

Zoo News Introduces the Lemurs

black whit ruffed lemur

Get to know the Zoo’s new black and white ruffed lemurs in this Zoo News video from Tucson 12, The City Channel.  Click here to watch!

The Story of Grizzly Bears Ronan and Finley


At Reid Park Zoo, Keepers want every animal that arrives from another location to feel welcomed and loved in its new home.  Moving can be a stressful experience, during which animals are overwhelmed with brand new sights, sounds, and smells.  If you’ve ever moved from one house to another, you know how disorienting it can… read more

Elephant “Semba” is Expecting!

Mabu and Semba with trunks intertwined

The Zoo recently received the results of a urinary hormone test confirming that 24-year-old female African elephant “Semba” is pregnant.  Semba was observed breeding with the Zoo’s bull, “Mabu,” in October of last year, and Zoo staff have been anxious to find out whether the breeding was successful.  It was! Elephants have a long gestation… read more

Visit Grizzly Crossing

Grizzly bear opening7

The Zoo’s new exhibit, Grizzly Crossing, opened to the public last Thursday, but the Zoo hosted an event over the weekend to welcome the grizzly bears to Tucson in style.  Zoo docents and teen volunteers hosted activities for kids, and Zoo Keepers stopped by to chat with guests about the bears.  Meanwhile, Ronan and Finley explored… read more

Grizzly Bear Exhibit Opens this Week!

grizzly-crossing cropped

Starting Thursday, September 19th, grizzly bears Ronan (male) and Finley (female) will be on exhibit daily.  You can visit them any time the Zoo is open, from 9am-4pm, and we hope you will! The exhibit now features a stream, and two connecting exhibit spaces–one with a big pool, and one with a grassy yard.  The… read more