Elvis Munis Visits the Zoo on 7-27-12

We had a special guest in the Zoo yesterday! Elvis Munis, a Tanzanian student and naturalist, is riding his bicycle from Chile to Tanzania to raise money for conservation scholarships in his native country. He pedaled by the Zoo on his way through Tucson to visit the elephants and giraffes, and to inspire our staff!… read more

Asian Elephant “Connie” Euthanized in San Diego 7-19-12

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Connie, the 45 year old Asian elephant at San Diego Zoo and one-time resident of Reid Park Zoo. Connie had been under close medical supervision and management during the past weeks as her condition gradually deteriorated–a result of infections to her urinary and reproductive tract. Connie… read more

Bowl for Rhinos!

The Tucson Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers will host “Bowling for Rhinos” on Sunday, July 29th from 6-9pm at Lucky Strike Bowl. Everyone’s invited, and all the proceeds benefit rhino and cheetah conservation!  Click here for more information about this event.

Tigers separated again 6-29-12

This morning, Zoo Keepers once again separated Malayan tigers Baheem and Sita. They started showing signs of aggressive behavior, which was not unexpected. Tigers are solitary in the wild, only spending time together when the females are interested in breeding. Now that Sita is no longer receptive to Baheem, we will keep them separated to… read more

Zoo admission rates changing as of July 1, 2012.

Tucson’s Mayor and Council has approved an increase in Reid Park Zoo admission. As a result, Zoo admission rates will increase as outlined below on July 1, 2012 Don’t forget, the Zoo is still one of the best values in town–especially for members, who get unlimited admission with one low annual fee. Come see what… read more

Kenya Get Wet is closed for repairs.

Kenya Get Wet, the water playground inside the Zoo, is currently closed for repairs. It should open again on Friday, June 29th. Thank you for your patience!

Tiger introductions 6-25-12

Malayan tigers Baheem (male) and Sita (female) met each other on exhibit without a barrier between them for the first time last week!  They have been introduced by Keepers in careful stages to make sure they remain curious about, but not aggressive with, each other.  So far so good, and if all goes well we… read more