Summer Kid’s Tour, Saturday July 13th

kids e-flyer

Saturday July 13th, from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM, Alliance for School Choice is hosting an event at the Reid Park Zoo to help educate families on alternative schooling options for children. Children will be admitted free with paying adults. Alliance for School Choice will be giving away up to 300 backpacks, full of school… read more

New Zoo Administrator Announced

jason jacobs

We will soon welcome a new Zoo Administrator! Jason Jacobs, selected through a national search, is coming to Tucson after serving as the Director of Development and Marketing for the Los Angeles Zoo since 2005. Prior to the Los Angeles Zoo, Jason worked at the Potawatomi, Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, and Zoo Miami. Jason… read more

Sita goes for a Swim


Your house cat might not like to take baths, but tigers are pretty good swimmers and sometimes hunt in shallow water.  This video features Sita, the Zoo’s female tiger, spending tranquil afternoon time in her pool.  Click here to watch the video.

Welcome, Amalia the Guanaco!


Amalia, a female guanaco, recently arrived at Reid Park Zoo from Idaho Falls.  Amalia will be introduced to her exhibit in a few weeks, after a standard quarantine period.  In the meantime, she’s getting to know her Zoo Keepers and enjoying some rose petal enrichment.

Summer Hours and Rates Take Effect June 1!

ele pool

Don’t forget, the Zoo will be open from 8am-3pm during the months of June, July, and August.  The Giraffe Encounter will take place at 9:30am every day, with an additional Encounter on weekends at 1:30pm. Summer rates will also be in effect from June-August: $8.00 adults ages 15-61 $6.00 seniors ages 62+ $4.00 children ages… read more

The Zoo Heats Up

andean bear-pool

Temperatures are rising in Tucson and the Zoo, jam-packed with visitors all spring, is starting to quiet down in the afternoons. But what about the animals? If we’re hot, aren’t they hot? How does the Zoo make sure its animal residents stay healthy and comfortable in warmer weather? First of all, many of the animals… read more

Tapir Nose


How do you pick up branches if you don’t have opposable thumbs?  If you’re a tapir, you use your nose!  Contessa the tapir enjoys a freshly cut branch on exhibit.  Tapirs are herbivores, so this leafy limb is a great treat for her.

Brown Bears…

COMING SOON! We look forward to welcoming brown bears by fall. We have already started modifications to the old polar bear habitat to get ready for them. Brown bears need more shallow water space and we will combine the two smaller parts of the habitat into one large space. We are working with state and… read more

Coming Soon – Black and White Ruffed Lemurs


We will be starting modifications to the old mandrill habitat soon. We look forward to welcoming a breeding pair of Black and White Ruffed lemurs by fall. Although exact placement plans are not finalized yet, the Zoo’s Curator, Jim Schnormeier, is working with other accredited zoos and the Species Survival Plan® (SSP) to determine how… read more