Wildlife Carousel Open


The carousel is now open! We hope you’ll come to the Zoo soon and take a ride on a gibbon, anteater, or eagle. The American-made carousel features representatives from 30 different animal species. Each animal was painstakingly fabricated and hand painted. The carousel is topped by a safari-themed thatched roof, so it blends in nicely with… read more

Tapir Calf Named Toliver


The votes are in – and the tapir calf has been named Toliver. We received THOUSANDS of votes, so we’ll be sending a $3,000 donation from YOU to help protect tapirs in the wild. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, Toliver is not feeling his best and will not be on exhibit for a few days… read more

Vantage West Sponsored Animal Presentations

Presentation (1)

Planning a weekend Zoo visit?  Be sure to check out one of our scheduled animal presentations, where you’ll watch a training session or see an animal get an enrichment treat while you learn more about our animals and how Zoo Keepers care for them. Our presentations are always timed to benefit animal and Keeper schedules,… read more

Baird’s Tapir Calf Born 8-29-15

Tapir calf 9-2-1515

Reid Park Zoo’s Baird’s tapir, Contessa, gave birth to a male calf on Saturday, August 29, at approximately 5:30 p.m. The calf appears healthy, is nursing regularly, and is becoming more active every day. He has not been named yet. Contessa and the calf will remain behind-the-scenes for several weeks to gain strength, and to bond with minimal… read more

Nandi’s Birthday Photos

Nandi elephant 1st bday 8-20-15112

Nandi was lucky enough to have TWO 1st birthday parties in her honor. Guests sang “Happy Birthday,” signed birthday cards, and made elephant ear headbands. Meanwhile, Nandi opened her gifts and played with the wrapping paper! Below are some photos of the festivities. Nandi thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

Lions Playing in Puddles

Lions Playing in the Rain

Tucson’s sudden summer storms can turn an animal exhibit into a mud pit within minutes. Lions aren’t generally known for their love of water, but a recent exciting break in their afternoon routine proved irresistible to our playful young lions. Click the link below to watch!

It’s National Zoo Keeper Week!

Keeper work

This week (July 19-25) is National Zoo Keeper Week–a great opportunity for us to appreciate the hard work Reid Park Zoo’s Keepers do every day of the year! Sure, there’s some cuddling of fuzzy little babies, but there’s also a lot of cleaning, coaxing, and hauling involved in caring for animals. Our Keepers take it… read more

Congratulations 2015 Teen Volunteers!


Congratulations to our newest group of Teen Volunteers, who graduated from their training class last month. These youths join a vibrant group of seasoned Zoo Teens who conduct face painting, craft, and information stations around the Zoo, enhancing our guests’ experience while educating them about important wildlife and conservation issues. This is no summer job; the Teens commit to volunteering their… read more

A Team Effort

Sue and Curtis

The Zoo’s African elephant herd came to Tucson from San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 2012, but Reid Park Zoo’s partnership with San Diego’s elephant experts didn’t end there. Keepers from SDZSP still come to Tucson regularly to network with our staff, discuss animal care, and fine-tune positive training techniques. Together, the team strives to… read more