• Warty pig
  • warty pig
  • Warty pig

Pig Particulars:

Only domestic pigs have curly tails; wild pigs have straight tails.

Male warty pigs grow thick manes (that look like spiked mohawks) to attract a mate.

Wild pigs live in close-knit groups called sounders.

These pigs are known to raid crops, making them unpopular with farmers.

At Reid Park Zoo:

Just like they would in the wild, these pigs use their tough snouts to dig through the soil in search of food.

These three female pigs came to Reid Park Zoo from San Diego Zoo. We work closely with other accredited zoos around the country to ensure the survival of many species. It’s a team effort!


Species Name:
Visayan Warty Pig
Scientific Name:
Sus cebifrons
Our Animal's Name(s):
Pearl (female, Apr 06), Calaya (female, Apr 07), Dakila (female, Sept 07)
Proud Parents:
Katie Artz
Dana Lim
Kayla Bechtel