• Aldabra tortoise
  • Aldabra tortoise
  • Aldabra tortoise

A Big, Old Tortoise:

Aldabra tortoises can live to be over 100 years old.

Large Aldabra tortoises will knock over small trees and shrubs to obtain nutritious leaves. This can create trails used by other animals.

Aldabra tortoises are active in the early morning and late evening. They rest in the shade during the middle of the day when it’s hot.

At Reid Park Zoo:

Herbie, our male tortoise, weighs over 500 pounds, but we don’t know how old he is. He is one of the few animals at this Zoo that was wild caught—over 50 years ago.

These tortoises get excited during rainy weather or when zoo keepers give them showers with a hose.



Species Name:
Aldabra Tortoise
Scientific Name:
Geochelone gigantea
Our Animal's Name(s):
Herbie, Georgina and Dulce
Proud Parents:
Bud Clark
Leslie Uhr
Zoey Trujillo
Helen Holliday
John Emett
Kim Schaffer
Kinzey Bug
Robin Miescher