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Top Predators:

Tiger stripes are unique – like your fingerprints. This is how scientists who study tigers can tell them apart.

Once mature, tigers are solitary; coming together only for mating.

Tigers have no predators, except humans.

Tigers communicate through scent, vocalizations, and visual signs like claw marks on trees.

At Reid Park Zoo:

A tiger’s stripes help it to hide (camouflage). If you can’t find the tiger, look along the plants on the edges of the exhibit; he might be hiding there.

Tigers are excellent swimmers, and you may find the tiger in this habitat enjoying the pool on a warm day.



Species Name:
Malayan Tiger
Scientific Name:
Panthera tigris jacksoni
Our Animal's Name(s):
Baheem (male, May 01) and Sita (female, Apr 01)
Proud Parents:
Joshua Boydte
Taylor Lawhorn
Roger Conley
Bridget Stephenson
Emma N. Kaffenberger
Erica, Francine and Destiny Bickart
Bernetta Gillet
Hayley and Joseph Suhay
Martha Hart
Lourdes Nicolette
Julie Hill
Tara Barry
Kathy and Roger Gross