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Top Predators:

Tiger stripes are unique – like your fingerprints. This is how scientists who study tigers can tell them apart.

Once mature, tigers are solitary; coming together only for mating.

Tigers have no predators, except humans.

Tigers communicate through scent, vocalizations, and visual signs like claw marks on trees.

At Reid Park Zoo:

A tiger’s stripes help it to hide (camouflage). If you can’t find the tiger, look along the plants on the edges of the exhibit; he might be hiding there.

Tigers are excellent swimmers, and you may find the tiger in this habitat enjoying the pool on a warm day.



Species Name:
Malayan Tiger
Scientific Name:
Panthera tigris jacksoni
Our Animal's Name(s):
Baheem (male, May 01) and Sita (female, Apr 01)
Proud Parents:
Kathleen Norton
Patsy Parker-Kettle
Bernetta Gillet
Kenneth A. Dave
Tyler & Kristen Wilson
Mrs. Schechter's 3rd grade class Ocotillo Ridge
Fligor Family
Kai Slosser
Julie Hill
Roger & Kathy Gross
Emma N Kaffenberger