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The Clean Up Crew:

Marabou storks, and other Savannah scavengers, reduce the spread of disease by cleaning up dead animal carcasses.

A marabou stork’s large, heavy bill grows all its life and can be over a foot long. This serves as a good weapon against hyenas, jackals, or other scavengers looking to steal a meal.

Marabou storks usually mate for life.

At Reid Park Zoo:

Because dead carcasses are not an option for the Marabou storks in the Zoo, they eat mice, rats, and fish instead.

You will notice this exhibit is a multi-species habitat. The marabou stork would share habitat with white rhinos and Speke’s gazelles in the wild too.


Species Name:
Marabou Stork
Scientific Name:
Leptoptilos crumeniferus
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