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A BIG Crash:

White rhinos have wide, flat lips that allow them to graze on grasses.

The large hump on their neck and shoulders is a big muscle to help support the massive weight of the head and horn.

Fireball in mudRhinos roll in mud to protect their surprisingly sensitive skin from the sun and biting insects.

At Reid Park Zoo:

Female Yebonga is an elderly animal (born in 1973), and Fireball is significantly younger (born in 2003).  Although Yebonga is too old to breed, Fireball has sired six offspring in his former home (The Wilds, in Ohio), and may be recommended for breeding with future females at Reid Park Zoo.

Each summer, Zoo Keepers host a fundraiser called Bowling for Rhinos to raise funds for rhino conservation.


Species Name:
Southern White Rhino
Scientific Name:
Ceratotherium simum
Our Animal's Name(s):
Yebonga (female), Fireball (male)
Proud Parents:
Marco & Maxi Romero
Margie Hollish
Joey Finkle
Joseph Eigner
Katie George
Melissa Owen
Troy McDaniel