• sun bear
  • sun bear
  • Malayan Sun Bear

A Taste for Honey:

Sun bears are the smallest of the eight bear species.

They use their large claws to climb trees, and their long tongues to lap honey from beehives.

Sun bears are named for the light pattern of fur on their necks.

Sun bears find easy food at coconut palm and cocoa plantations. Farmers, protecting their crops, may kill them.

At Reid Park Zoo:

This elderly animal may choose to be on exhibit or behind the scenes. If you cannot see her, she may be enjoying some quiet time.

Reid Park Zoo works closely with other professionals to share expertise regarding issues facing all bear species. For more information, visit the AZA’s Bear Taxon Advisory Group website.


Species Name:
Malayan Sun Bear
Scientific Name:
Helarctos malayanus
Our Animal's Name(s):
Dresena (female, Nov 80)
Proud Parents:
Shawn & Sara Scheirer