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Working Together:

Unlike other large cats, lions live in groups called prides.

In a pride, female lions do most of the hunting. They will also scavenge, following vultures to dead prey. Males patrol the territory, guard the cubs, and fight when needed to protect the pride.

Lions sleep most of the day, conserving energy for when they need it most—hunting, mating, and fighting.

At Reid Park Zoo:

Zoo lions are great hunters too—they occasionally catch unfortunate birds that land in this habitat.

When Zoo Keepers defrost meat for the lions, the drippings are saved and frozen into blood popsicles as a special “treat.”

lion-popsicle   7074415959_b522950cc9_o


Species Name:
African Lion
Scientific Name:
Panthera leo
Our Animal's Name(s):
Shombay (male) & Kaya (Female); Cubs born in December 2013 are Jelani (male), Sanjo (male), and Nayo (female)
Proud Parents:
Sue Ann Gabrys
Joshua Szablicki
Kellyn Coney
Jeffrey Lee Richardson
JoAnn Schlott
Barbara Nelson
Janelle Southard
Kathy & Roger Gross