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  • andean bear
  • andean bear

Mountain Bear:

Andean bears are the only bears that live in South America.

They prefer the lush, remote slopes of the Andes mountain range, but will search for food in a variety of habitats.

Andean bears do not hibernate. Scientists believe this is because their food is available year-round.

At Reid Park Zoo:

Worf, a male, is the larger animal in this habitat. Lucy is an adult female.

The large artificial tree in this exhibit was designed to provide safe climbing and resting places for the bears, similar to their natural habitat.

andean bear


Species Name:
Andean Bear
Scientific Name:
Tremarctos ornatus
South America
Our Animal's Name(s):
Worf (male, Dec 92) and Lucy (female, Dec 94)
Proud Parents:
Janie Bressler
Lily Gibney
Jacob P
Max Weintraub
Ellie Grant